Miss World – March Tour Schedule

http://www.missworld.com Continuing our exclusive details on Miss World’s upcoming tour, we take a look at the month of March.

Miss World will first be travelling to Russia, where she has been invited to be the special guest at theRussian Grand Final on the 2nd of February, to witness the coronation of Russia’s candidate for Miss World 2013.

 Wenxia continues her tour in the USA, where she will be guest presenting at the prestigious Annual Variety Telethon in Des Moines, Iowa on the 9th to 10th of March. Alongside a whole host of celebrities, Miss World will take part in this 24 hour live televised event, taking calls, joining a huge team of volunteers and hosting her own segment of the show, raising funds for the Variety charity which over the years has provided hundreds of millions of dollars for worthy causes worldwide.

After visiting the USA, Miss World will travel to Haiti where she will continue the good work that Beauty with a Purpose and Variety are doing as part of their ‘Five Year Plan’. This plan encompasses continued support for those whose lives were affected by the 2010 earthquake, by creating clean drinking water facilities, providing medical assistance and distributing Vitamin tablets to children to prevent illnesses such as anemia.


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