Camila Brant (Miss Earth Brazil 2012 / Miss Earth Fire 2012) For Joao Calazans 2013

23382_317660915019211_1365644288_n 224975_313403318778304_1444601348_n 734794_313402818778354_1123749587_n 230655_317659378352698_494489097_n 393086_313402965445006_1175329961_n 409600_317659968352639_432855744_n 429166_317659998352636_1562074842_n 249991_313402735445029_1892523135_n 407515_313403268778309_2124695821_n543844_313406268778009_769292400_n

Vestido João Calazans
Make-Up Kelson Mendonça
Joias e Acessórios Pedro Muraro
fotos Bruno Saldanha


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