Mr World Christmas Party

After a long day of rehearsals, the Mr World contestants were in a festive mood last night as they celebrated Christmas early with a traditional Christmas dinner, sing-a-longs, and special surprises!

The contestants were in fine spirits as they dinned on turkey, roast potatoes and brussel sprouts, put on their party hats, and relaxed after a long day. With the Mr World competition coming ever closer to the big finale, the contestants are working hard at the rehearsals to create a stunning show for the world, and last nights party was the perfect way to relax before another long day.

Some of the highlights of the evening included the different tables performing songs for the rest of the group. The South American contestants performed a raucous run through of el burito sabanero, a popular Christmas song from their continent. Canada & New Zealand led their table in a rendition of O Holy Night, joined by Latvia, Lebanon, Macau China, Mongolia, South Africa, and Ukraine. there was also a Christmas medley performed by England, Germany, Ireland, India, Japan, Netherlands, Northern Ireland and Wales.

It was also Mongolia’s birthday, which was celebrated in style with the entire room joining him in a round of Mongolian opera singing.

The biggest surprise of the night was for Canada though, whose mother and sister arrived for the final and surprised him with a visit at the end of the evening.

After a magical night its all hands on deck for the last 2 days as the finishing touches are put on the performance which takes place on Saturday.

Ukraine, Russia, Lebanon, South Africa, Mongolia China & Paraguay Mongolia



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