Mister World 2012 : Talent Round Auditions

mrworld.tv Yesterday we saw 27 contestants take to the stage to perform their auditions for the talent competition. The talent on show was very impressive and gave the judges some serious food for thought at the end of the day, before making their final selection. The competition saw 8 singers, 10 dance acts, 3 magicians, 3 musicians, 2 martial art routines plus some comedy, sports performances and several more unique and interesting routines. It was an impressive array of talent from the competitors, which were very impressive.

Belgium started the proceedings with a presentation of the different aspects of his life, from his business side to his sporty side, followed by a dance routine expressing his more wild side.He was followed by Bolivia and Canada, two very different routines but both ones which won the contestants a place on the shortlist.

Bolivia performed a well-choreographed dance routine accompanied by the Rihanna track “Where have you been?”, whereasCanada gave a powerful and heartfelt rendition of Jay Sean’s “Down”. The judges did see room for improvement in both of their performances, but said they were very impressed with what they saw and that they showed great promise.

Belgium Bolivia Canada

The next act to take to the stage was Colombia, who chose to perform a magic routine. We saw three magic acts at the auditions, with Colombia, Singapore, and Vietnam all wowing the judges and audience alike. Colombia’s routine involved flying cards, pulling a huge pole out of his hat, and catching the judge’s chosen card in a rat trap.


Singapore performed 3 well-rehearsed tricks, including transforming a cards number, and determining the judge’s card through the art of melting metal wire!

Singapore Singapore

The final magic act was Vietnam, who performed a slick and dynamic routine, which included firing a handkerchief magically across the room from a gun into the middle of a chain of handkerchiefs (that one you will have to see for yourself!). Vietnam also performed contemporary dance as the second part of his act, leaping high into the air, expressing powerful emotions through his display.

Vietnam Vietnam

All three acts made it to the shortlist, and will go on to receive professional tutoring to mentor them in enhancing their performances. Vietnam was told that he should focus on either his dance or his magic, as the two did not necessarily go together, so we shall see which one he decides to take to the next performance.

Martial arts were seen twice in the talent show. Macau China took to the stage with his solid metal nunchaku, performing a Bruce Lee routine for the judges. Although they were impressed, with one of the judges even having a go himself, they did not put him through to the final.

Venezuela performed a Karate routine whilst playing the drums. He gave a powerful performance, displaying great Karate skills and wearing a fantastic outfit.  The judges gave him a “thumbs up”, and said they definitely want to see him again.


Several contestants performed traditional dances from their home nations. Honduras was the first to take the stage from this category. Attired in a fantastic Honduran outfit, he looked fantastic, but the judges decided not to put him through despite the great effort he went to.

Paraguay also looked the part in his wonderful feathered head dress, but the judges said that although his routine was great, they could not see the potential of raising his game through mentoring, as it was not a dance which could be improved or worked on.

Honduras Paraguay

Spain was the last act to perform a dance routine from his country. Taking one of our judges to dance the flamenco as his partner, the other contestants cheered him on, but he was also not shortlisted. He provided further entertainment by asking for a volunteer from the other contestants watching on, and with Colombia playing the part of the bull, he played the matador as he showed off his bull fighting skills.

Spain Spain

There was a strong showing from the singers of the group of contestants entering the talent competition, with 5 of them shortlisted for the mentoring stage. We have already mentioned Canada’s strong performance, and joining him on the shortlist are England, Mongolia, New Zealand and Wales.

England played a song that he wrote himself, accompanied by his guitar. The judges were very impressed with his song writing skills and his musical abilities, commenting on how catchy his tune was, and were impressed with the composition. After describing himself as a musician first and a singer second, the judges were quick to dissuade him from downplaying his vocal talents, going on to say he had a good voice that could be great with a bit of work.


Mongolia performed a traditional Mongolian operatic song. Sung to a piano backing track, the judges were impressed with the power and control he has over his voice, and were quick to give him the thumbs up and put him through to the next round.

New Zealand sang an Elton John song “Don’t Let the Sun Go Down On Me”. After a shaky beginning, he rose to the occasion, becoming stronger as the song went on. The judges were impressed, and said they really liked his singing style and his personality which they said shone through his performance, despite suffering from a sore throat.

New Zealand Mongolia

Also suffering from vocal troubles was Wales. He sang a song by The Script, and without having any backing track, he sang it A cappella. After a nervy start, his confidence grew, and he ended very strong. The judges said there was definitely something about his style that appealed to them, and they wanted to see him again.

India, Portugal and Ukraine were the singers who did not progress to the next round. India performed an Indian Love song, which the judges said was a great performance, but just not at the level needed to progress to the next round. Portugal received a similar response from the judges, as did Ukraine, but they responded well saying that they were just happy to try their best, and do their country’s proud, and would focus their energies on the other challenges ahead.

Martinique Martinique & Colombia Portugal

The competition saw several unique performances, none more interesting than Martinique. He entered the audition hall wearing a wig and a dress, stunning the judges with his comedy routine. Although the other contestants were howling with laughter, the judges felt that the comedy fell short of the mark, and was not enough for the final pick.

Puerto Rico chose to express himself through poetry, giving an animated performance removing across the room whilst expressing himself through his voice and with his body. Latvia struggled to find a talent which would impress the judges, with motorcycle repairing and massage techniques not viable talents. He finally took to the stage resplendent in his specially made 5th century Latvian Military outfit, and performed a small dance routine. Neither of them made it to the next round, but gave it their best.

Puerto Rico Latvia

The other dance routines that we saw throughout the auditions included a fantastic display from Czech Republic. Going from modern dance music into a Latin American sound, he received a great response from the judges and was put on the shortlist.

Czech Republic

Costa Rica performed the Cha Cha Cha, and Turkey performed the Waltz, although he did not have a partner. Both contestants failed to impress the judges enough to make it to the shortlist, but gave it their best and performed admirably.

Costa Rica Turkey

One of our contestants did his performance outside, showing the judges his talent of Street Workout. Croatia had set up different areas to perform in, swinging on rings, using horizontal bars, and using the floor. He showed great strength throughout his routine, with core strength, and gymnastic prowess. He was shortlisted, and will be going on to the final.

Croatia Croatia

We saw two other routines of sporting ability, from Luxembourg, and from Malta. Both chose to highlight their footballing skills for our judges, but neither were deemed good enough for the final pick.

Netherlands is an accomplished piano player, but sadly the audition room did not have a piano. After showing the judges some video clips of his playing skills, he has been given the chance to take a separate audition in the near future, so may still be shortlisted, whereas Russia wants to use his film making skills as his talent. The judges are waiting to see his film which he is finishing the production on, and will be given the verdict later on as well.

Sunday saw a huge amount of talents on offer, and we wish to congratulate those which made it to the shortlist, and will be given the chance to perform at the final! Well done.


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