Miss Intercontinental 2012 : Host

Patrick Urban

Patrick Urban was starring as Detective Klein on the successfull RTL Serie “The Youth Court.”

He is also a former Mister Germany, won the title in 1999 and the first german winner of the title Mister Intercontinental. He is also an active golfer and. Urban was born in Giessen (Hessen) and resides in Leipzig with his wife Virginia where they both are running their own business of marketing and advertisement



“A woman from World “you can really say so about this young and dynamic lady, if you consider where she has lived already. As a diplomat’s daughter, she grew up from a child in the whole world and has been met by many people and cultures. The decision to work as a presenter came quick, because in this profession, she can bring all her preferences, strengths and characteristics unfold.
Meanwhile Khadras bandwidth is various. She presents a variety of formats and events, is a bestselling author and reporter. A woman who loves challenges!


(Foto:Anna-Lisa Lüdecke)


Source : http://www.missintercontinental.com

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