Chelsea Bird to represent Canada at the Miss Tourism Queen International pageant in China

Chelsea Bird, a semi-finalist at the recently held Miss Universe Canada competition and winner of the “Best Body”award, will represent Canada during the 2012 Miss Tourism Queen International competition to be held in Beijing, China, December 28th.  This pageant, best known as Miss TQI, reunites over 100 women from all over the world and some of the most famous tourism regions.

Chelsea is a  23-year old student of TV and radio broadcasting from Edmonton. She is working towards using her love of theatre and drama to teach children how to command the stage, and reap the benefits that stage acting can give.

Chelsea is a very community-minded individual and is someone who always sets her goals bigger and bigger in order to achieve a rich and fulfilling life. She has travelled to Thailand, Europe and the United States and hopes to see much more of the world in order for her to see and help other cultures that are not as fortunate as Canadians.

Chelsea believes strongly that everyone is entitled to live a full life and has volunteered for the Multiple Sclerosis Society of Canada by canvassing, has provided school supplies to children while in Thailand, and after going on a 3 month exchange to Germany, has spoken to students about the wonderful opportunities that students can gain by travelling.


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