#MissUniverse Indonesia 2012 , Maria Selena Goes To Miss Universe 2012



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Selena akan mengenakan National Costume dengan mengangkat tema Burung Garuda, sebagai simbol negara Indonesia karya Solo Batik Carnival.

Garuda adalah seekor burung mitologis dalam sejarah mitologi kuno bangsa Indonesia yang dikenal sebagai kendaraan Dewa Wishnu menyerupai burung elang rajawali. Garuda muncul dalam banyak tradisi dan cerita, terutama di Jawa dan Bali. Dalam banyak cerita, Garuda melambangkan kebajikan pengetahuan, kekuatan, keberanian, kesetiaan, dan disiplin. Sejak tradisi zaman kuno Indonesia, Garuda telah dihormati sebagai simbol nasional bangsa Indonesia dan perwujudan ideologi Indonesia yaitu Pancasila. Garuda digunakan sebagai simbol Negara untuk menggambarkan bahwa Indonesia adalah negara bangsa yang besar dan kuat.


YPI mengangkat baju karya designer-designer muda Indonesia seperti Adi Mulyadi dan Bramantya Wijaya untuk merancang evening gown yang akan dikenakan Selena dalam ajang Miss Universe 2012.

Adi Mulyadi adalah seorang designer muda berbakat Indonesia yang berasal dari Bengkulu, ia merancang evening gown untuk Selena dari kain sutra sifon setapura berwarna ungu.  Adi menambahkan detail payet berwarna silver dan gold bercampur kilauan kristal Swarovski pada bagian dada. Dengan potongan gaun yang berbentuk seperti putri duyung atau mermaid, gaun ini akan menampilkan keanggunan dan kecantikan Selena.

Sementara evening gown karya designer muda berbakat Indonesia asal Jawa Tengah Bramanta Wijaya, terbuat dari bahan sequin berwarna emas dengan taburan kristal Swarovski yang berkilauan sehingga memancarkan kecantikan dan keanggunan Maria Selena. Dengan tambahan aksen bulu ostrich  yang ditabur secara acak di bagian bawah gaun memberikan kesan glamour dan mewah pada gaun yang akan dikenakannya di ajang Miss Universe 2012 nanti.

Selain itu, selama masa karantina berlangsung, Selena akan membawa busana dari desainer Fery Sunarto berupa kebaya, Yogie Pratama dan Anas Khairunas untuk cocktail dress, dan Batik Parang Kencana. Sedangkan untuk sepatu, Selena akan mengenakan Adeva Shoes. Dan untuk aksesoris akan mengenakan dari Elizabeth Wahyu dan Komang Tri Jewelery.


Harapan kami untuk Puteri Indonesia 2011 sebagai perwakilan dari Indonesia sangat besar. Semoga Maria Selena dapat meraih hasil yang terbaik di ajang Miss Universe 2012. Keberhasilan meraih juara pasti akan menjadi kebanggaan bagi seluruh masyarakat Indonesia,” terang Dewan Pembina YPI, Putri K Wardani.


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R.I.P Maria Susana Flores


The beauty queen of the Mexican state of Sinaloa, Maria Susana Flores, died in a clash between the army and armed narco group.

The beautiful Maria Susana Flores had won the title of Miss Tourism East Mexico in March. An official with the prosecutor reported that “his body was in a car in which they were the aggressors, which clashed with the military.”

The armed group allegedly linked to violent would Orso Ivan Gastelum trafficker known as “El Cholo Vago”.Maria Susana Flores would not have been the first victim of relations with the narcos.In 2008 Laura Zuniga, winner of Nuestra Belleza Sinaloa 2008, was arrested along with seven members of the Juarez cartel.


Russian Beauty Queen Natalia Pereverzeva Slammed Homeland’s Corruption ‘From My Soul’

A Russian beauty queen is standing by her controversial withering public criticism of corruption in her country during this year’s Miss Earth competition.

“I wrote it from the bottom of my heart, from my soul,” 24 year-old Natalia Pereverzeva told ABC News in a phone interview from Manilla, Philippines, where the competition is taking place.

The comments first appeared six months ago in an essay as part of her entrance to the competition, but garnered attention when they were part of her presentation in the pageant this week. The essay was written in response to a question about why she is proud of her country and began with an expected praise for her homeland, but quickly shifted into controversial waters.

“But my Russia — it is also my poor, long-suffering country, mercilessly torn to pieces by greedy, dishonest, unbelieving people,” she wrote.

“My Russia — it is a great artery, from which the ‘chosen’ few people are draining away its wealth. My Russia is a beggar. My Russia cannot help her elderly and orphans. From it, bleeding, like from a sinking ship, engineers, doctors, teachers are fleeing, because they have nothing to live on,” the essay continued.

She also touched on other sensitive subjects, including Russia’s long wars in the Caucuses region, the rise of nationalism in the country, and the general lack of interest in political issues among the wide swath of Russia’s public.

“I was totally shocked,” she said on Tuesday about the firestorm her comments have sparked.


The winner of the 2010 Miss Moscow pageant also defended herself against criticism from some Russian editorials that have blasted her for defaming the country on an international stage.

“It was my civic opinion and I wrote it with huge pride for my country. I love Russia and I am proud of its people, its history and tradition. I think every Russian would agree with what I wrote,” she told ABC News, speaking in Russian. Indeed, in an unscientific online poll on the newspaper Komsomolskaya Pravda’s website found 93 percent of respondents agreed with her remarks.

“I am so disappointed that it became so political in Russia. My life has nothing to do with politics,” Pereverzeva added.

Her criticism has been compared to the case of Pussy Riot, the Russian feminist punk group that performed a stunt in a Moscow cathedral criticizing Russian President Vladimir Putin. For that three members were sentenced to long prison terms in August.

Pereverzeva, however, said she does not approve of that group’s actions.

“I am a believer in God and I do not think what Pussy Riot did was right,” she told ABC News.

Her criticism comes as Russia is experiencing political upheaval unprecedented during Vladimir Putin’s 12 years in power — eight as president and the last four as prime minister, though it is generally accepted in Russia that President Dmitri Medvedev was merely a figurehead. Putin easily won a third term in office in March, but did so in the face of massive street protests in Moscow calling on him to go and for an end to corruption.

The essay was written around the time of Putin’s inauguration, which was marked by a large protest the day before that turned ugly when several protesters clashed with riot police.

“When we seriously begin to take care of our country, it will blossom and shine brightly,” Pereverzeva wrote at the conclusion of her essay.


Source Links ; http://abcnews.go.com/International/russian-beauty-queen-natalia-pereverzeva-slammed-homelands-corruption/story?id=17773080

Mister World 2012

Mr World Ceremony  Mr World 2012/13

Mr World & Runner Up Philippines Myleene Klass & Mr World Francisco Parra


Francisco Javier Escobar Parra representing Colombia has won Mr World 2012! The evening event at the Kent Event Centresaw Colombia taking the title, with Philippines taking second place and Ireland in third. The 21 year old from Cali, Colombia is a talented magician and pole-vaulter, and impressed the judges across many of the fast-track challenges, placing high in the sports, extreme sports and multimedia events. On the night his warm and heartfelt answers to the judges questions saw off the competition and ensured his overall victory.


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