Interviewed by Sheila Kimani for Pulse Magazine’s My Style section

Shamim Nabil recently took the time to give her thoughts on fashion and clothing. The Kenyan entry for Miss World 2012 reflected on her fashion tastes and how the Miss World competition influenced her sense of style. You can read the interview right here.

Q:What do you love about fashion?
A:The creative trends by designers and stylists always leave me awed at how diverse fashion is.

Q:How has being Miss Kenya influenced your style?
A:Initially I was a staunch tomboy. Make-up and style wasn’t my thing. The process of becoming Miss Kenya definitely exposed me to style and design.

Q:Any new fashion tricks you learnt?
A:Of course! I must admit that by combining my designs and accessories during the competition, I learnt how to be a stylist.

Q:So who dresses you for events?
A:I do. My mother is always there in case I need her help.

Q:During the Miss World finals, who do you credit as the best dressed models?
A:I must say that Africa has the most diverse and expressive fashion. Contestants at the Miss World Academy House were impressed by the designs I wore.

Q:So whose designs do you love rocking?
A:Kaveke, Patricia Mbela and Ogaki. They created my initial designs as Miss Kenya and to date they still are my favourite.

Q:Your to go outfit would be?
A:Jeans, a cute top and a pair of comfortable flats work for me anytime.

Q:The worst you’ve ever dressed up was?
A:Being a tomboy, style was never my thing. However, my worst was tracksuits, which I wore almost everyday.

Q:Your ideal guy of style would be?
A:One who can combine both casual and official in a fashionable twist.

Q:Fashion pieces you’d love to have are?
A:Custom made heels and dresses especially now that I’m re-vamping my wardrobe from tomboy to fashionably classy.

Shamim Nabil was interviewed by Sheila Kimani for Pulse Magazine’s My Style section.

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