Reina Hispanoamericana 2012

21 of the 22 contestants competing in Reina Hispanoamericana 2012 were officially presented to the press during a special conference held October 17th at Promociones Gloria in Santa Cruz, Bolivia, host city of the pageant.

The beauties will participate in an extensive schedule of activities which include a visit to the country’s capital city of La Paz. The finals will be held October 25th.

According to organizers, Dominican Republic (Dulcita Lieggi) will not be able to make the competition. Miss Haiti (Sarodj Bertin) will be the last delegate to arrive and will compete in her place, totalling 22 contestants. (Global Beauties)

  • The contestants are:
    • Argentina, Barbara Saavedra
    • Bolivia, Alexia Viruez (Miss Universe Bolivia 2013)
    • Brazil, Jeanine Castro (1st runner-up, Miss Tourism Queen 2011)
    • Chile, Rocio Vidal
    • Colombia, Jenniffer Martinez
    • Costa Rica, Suryen Alvarado
    • Cuba, Damaris Aguiar (Miss Supranational Cuba 2012)
    • Curacao, Angenie Simon (Miss Universe Curacao 2009)
    • Ecuador, Nicole Cevall0
    • El Salvador, Katia Lobos
    • Spain, Juliana Sampaio
    • Guatemala, Cristina Marcucci (Miss Earth Guatemala 2013)
    • Haiti, Sarodj Bertin (Miss Universe Haiti 2010)
    • Honduras, Cinthia Flores
    • Mexico, Jeraldine Gonzalez
    • Nicaragua, Virginia Arcia
    • Panama, Ana Lorena Ibanez (Miss Earth Panama 2012)
    • Paraguay, Stephania Stegman (Miss International Paraguay 2011)
    • Peru, Elba Fahsbender (Miss World Peru 2013)
    • Uruguay, Camila Vezzoso (Miss Universe Uruguay 2012)
    • USA, Joely Bernat
    • Venezuela, Adriana Kuper

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