The 12th Miss Earth Pageant


The search is now on for the next environmental beauty who will serve as an ambassadress and protector of the Earth’s natural resources. This year, as the world celebrates The International Year of Sustainable Energy, Carousel Productions Inc. will be bringing in 80 to 90 delegates from all across the globe to involve them in new and various challenges that will not only hone them into beauties for a cause but enable them to support and give recognition to organizations and companies who are allies of the green movement.

This year, our Earth has experienced increased calamities and the need to restore it has reached an alarming level. Coming together for a special advocacy, the MISS EARTH beauties will also address the urgency of the Earth’s restoration and healing in a powerful motion for environmental awareness through the power of prayer to give that light of hope to every nation, to be as one towards a renewed Earth.

Be one with us in hosting the most prestigious and relevant beauty pageant in the world to echo the earth’s clamor for environmental renewal at its ever growing urgency. This year, MISS EARTH 2012 coronation will be held in the Philippines on November 24, 2012 at 8:00PM live telecast on Starworld and shown on November 25, 2012, 10:00AM on ABS CBN, TFC -The Filipino Channel and also on channels of participating counties worldwide. (Miss Earth Org)

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