Miss World 2012 : “The First Miss World 2012 Presenter Arrives”




Jason Cook has been working in the entertainment industry for 15 years.  He began as an actor on several Disney and Nickelodeon shows until he landed a starring role on Days of Our Lives.  While on the show he directed and produced two short films, The Making of Triassic Park and Social Security Guard.

He left Days behind after selling options on two screenplays, then touring the world directing his feature documentary Numb To Life on the pharmaceutical drug industry (www.NumbToLife.com).  He is also a prolific writer who has written a young adult novel titled The Boy and his Gryphon,  While currently starring on General Hospital, he has been co-producing and directing the philanthropic adventure show LifeChange with Arianne Zucker.  He is also the founder of Digital Cuvee, a mixed-media production company, focusing on unique branded content partnerships with broad, cross platform reach.  His company has brought several products and media campaigns to market, most recently with the forthcoming Chop This!

Jason is a founding member of The Lupus Foundation in Los Angeles, supports The Variety Club where he has hosted their telethon 10 times raising over 34 million dollars, and is the host of Miss World.  He does not believe in spare time.


Source : Miss World Site


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