Miss Universe 2012 Cancellation rumors are FALSE – Desiree Lowry #MissUniverse Puerto Rico national director.

In an interview with El Nuevo Día, the National Director of MUPR said, that the allegations of the possible cancellation of MU are “rumors without base”. She said that every year rumors and hoaxes are created, probably because people get anxious and wan’t the MU org. to react and make a move. She said that the MU org will reveal the host country “when the logistics get confirmed”.

She also confirmed that the pageant is still programed to be held on December 17th like the organization have announced previously, not only because it was confirmed to her by the MU org itself, but also because NBC has that date separated for the broadcast of Miss Universe on December 17th and Telemundo is constantly in communication with them.

She says that it’s just a difficult year since NBC is the official tv station of the Olympics plus also the Elections with the debates and stuff.


Source : http://www.elnuevodia.com/rumoresdecancelacion-1316308.html


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