The making of the Miss World sash

It’s the most hotly anticipated and visually stunning moment of the Miss World contest (and one all the contestants have been dreaming of): the winner is announced and steps onstage to be presented with the iconic Miss World crown and sash.

Beautiful, glamorous and painstakingly made, we have exclusive pictures of all the work that’s gone into creating this year’s gorgeous sash:

The transfer for the design is sketched out and ready to be used by our machinist.

The raw materials and lace for the sash are laid out and ready to go.

The used transfer once the logo has been transferred to the fabric.

The design is appliquéd onto the silk.

Next the embroidery stitching is added to the design.

Crystals are hand-sewn onto the sash for extra glitter!

The final piece starts to come together…

…and is nearly ready for the winner of this year’s contest!


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