Miss World Philippines 2012 : Result Finals

Miss World Philippines 2012  :  Queeneerich Rehman
1st Princess  : Mary Anne Ross Misa
2nd  Princess  : Vanessa Claudine Amman
3rd  Princess   :  April Love Jordan
4th  Princess  : Brenna Cassandra Gamboa
Top 12 Finalists: 

Mariver Ocampo
Rufaida Babudin
Carla Jenina Lizardo
Marie Loraine de Guzman
Kay Wigand
Vania Valiry Vispo
Paulina Eliseeff
Best in Swimsuit – Queeneerich Rehman
Best in Long Gown – April Love Jordan
Smart People’s Choice Award – Vania Valiry Vispo
Miss Olay – Vanessa Claudine Amman
Miss Pantene – Queeneerich Rehman
Miss My Phone – Vanessa Claudine Amman
Miss Manila Hotel – April Love Jordan
Miss Oracare – April Love Jordan
Miss Photogenic – Queeneerich Rehman
Miss Talent – Queenierich Rehman  and Marie Loraine De Guzman
Miss Friendship – Vanessa Claudine Amman
Best In Fashion Runway – Brenna Cassandra Gamboa
Miss Philippines Prudential – Queeneerich Rehman
Miss World Traveler – Queeneerich Rehman
Miss Laguna World – Vanessa Claudine Amman
Miss Manny O’ Wine  – Brenna Cassandra Gamboa

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